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Today is my birthday…. Happy Birthday to me! 

I am now 33 years experienced in life. It’s a little crazy cause it doesn’t really feel like I’m this age. Remember when you were little and the thought of even being in your 20’s was insanely old haha Ahh how times have changed. 

And I’ll be honest, I’m not where I thought I would be. And I know…..I know! The saying ‘well life is what’s happening when you’re planning it’ AND the other famous one, ‘things never go to plan.’ 

Yep, I get it! I’ve heard them all too many times before. 

But what got me thinking more so when I sat here reflecting back on the fact that I ticked over another year was this….. why on EARTH am I only thinking about what I haven’t done, what I haven’t succeeded in, what I haven’t got, when there have been so many amazing things happen to me and for me. 

And I see this a lot in others too. 

It’s like we’ve all been programmed to never be happy with where we’re at and instead, focus on what we don’t have.   

Somehow, we think that because we are not standing exactly where we thought we would be or that we didn’t lose as much weight as we wanted or that we didn’t quite reach the financial goal we had set out for ourselves, that we are somewhat of a failure. 


We need to remove this thinking from our minds IMMEDIATELY!

And I say we because, at times, I have definitely thought this way….we need to get over this! 

Change it up. 

Catch ourselves out. 

Re-program our minds.   

Cause what I see is that this feeling of not being where you wanted to be is then being used as an excuse and a reason as to why you should give up. 

All because it didn’t happen by a certain age or by a certain timeframe or how someone else was able to do it, then it must mean it’s ALL OVER and you give up. 

Time to switch it up….NOW! 

It should be about having BIG DREAMS and BIG GOALS and setting a timeframe. Then when the timeframe is up, regardless of whether you hit your goal exactly head on or not, you should be celebrating. 

Celebrating that, whilst you may not have lost the 10kgs, you DID lose 7! 

Celebrating that, whilst you didn’t hit $10,000 a month, you did reach $4,000. 

Celebrating that you are so much further along and closer to your ultimate goal then when you originally started. 

This is why I encourage you to dance, sing and shout out about all your wins. Regardless of whether you think it’s small or big.  

It could be that you just generated your first lead…that’s awesome! Well done! 

Or it could be that you have just started to meditate and you have been consistent by doing 10 minutes every day for the last week….woot woot! Go you good thing. 

Or it could be that you just had your very first $50,000 month! That is AMAZEBALLS! 

Whatever it is, let people know. It’s time to toot your own horn cause no one else will do it. 

Slam that first down on that horn and you toot to your hearts delight. No judgement from me and I think you will inspire others to step up and do the same. 

If you want to be able to toot or blow your own horn without feeling self conscience and be surrounded by women who will be doing the same thing, then come join us in the Women Who Want It All group over on Facebook. 


Go get a tooting! *honk honk* 

Steph xx 

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