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Hey gorgeous!

I’m Steph, a born and raised Aussie girl and I truly, 100%, believe, that YOU can have it all. Yep, EVERYTHING you’ve always wanted.

Whether it’s that awesome career, that killer body, a loving relationship or just MORE out of life!

We’re often told that we need to focus on one thing in life and that if we want that successful career then you can say goodbye to being a mum. Or if you are a mum then omigosh, say goodbye to that career for a few years…. you may as well not even bother!


What a load of ****!


Let me share a little about myself.  

Let’s be honest, deep down I am and have always been a dreamer. As a child I just wanted my ‘happy ever after.’ You know, the good job, great husband, white picket fence home, 2.5kids and a dog.  Having my own happily ever after was really all I wanted in life….

So fast forward to the age of 27 and looking from the outside in, you would say I had a pretty great life set up for myself. I had travelled, bought an investment property, had an extremely successful career, a new car, a loving partner and great friends and family surrounding me.

Regardless of how it ‘looked’ from the outside, I did not feel fulfilled.

Now most people say ‘I always knew I was meant for more,’ but I didn’t feel that way….well not until I hit my 30’s. Growing up, I knew I was a little ‘different’, but I just figured that it was who I was and I couldn’t change.

Have you felt like that? 

See I was searching for more cause I thought that I couldn’t have my ‘happy ever after’ until I was bringing home the MEGA bucks!

So what’d I do?

I did what most other Gen Y’s would do – I went searching online. #GoogleIsMyFriend

And wow! I threw myself in the deep end… network marketing, affiliate marketing, make money online blah blah blah! I did it ALL.

Long story short; I broke down.

  • I piled on the weight; I gained 15kgs in less than a year!
  • I had major health issues as a result of long term stress and;
  • I started having panic attacks at work


But wait, it gets worse!

About 1 – 2 years after all of that, I hit rock bottom which I didn’t think was possible.

I had a major health scare AND at the very same time, my relationship with my partner of 5.5 years was going down hill FAST.

I felt like I was losing it all.

So I did the only thing that I really thought I could do and that was throw myself into mindset work, journalling and meditation.

And as cliche as it sounds; IT CHANGED MY LIFE!


Change Your Mindset = Change Your Life  

All of a sudden I was learning and implementing the power of manifestation, true self-love, stepping into alignment, loving unconditionally, being in tune with my intuition, being empowered, empowering others and knowing exactly who I was and my purpose.

It was amazing, what I often would hide about myself, I started letting out cause I didn’t care what others thought. What I would often seek out from others (the feeling to be needed and loved), I started to find within myself.

My manifestation was on overdrive…. I even manifested over $3,000 (unexpected) in a 3 week period. That’s when I really knew the power of the Universe and your energy source.

Others actions and opinions no longer impacted me.

I started to do what I wanted to do with my life… And the more I did this, the more GREAT things started happening to me and around me.

And I want you to understand that you have all of this inside of you too.
You hold the power to EVERYTHING!
You can have anything you want in this life.
You are absolutely amazing!
The world revolves around you.

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