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Wanna see a super cute pic of baby Steph? Now, now, don’t all rush at me….. just have a watch of the below video cause you’ll get first row seats to baby Steph.

I suppose I should probably also talk about the topic of the conversation (not as important as baby pics though haha Jokes!) too… and that is, drinking more water!

Who would have guessed? Ohh anyone who actually read the title! Lol

So, let me share a little something with you. I went from a water hating kid to a water-loving adult (no I’m not cheating on you Kombucha, you know I’ll always love you) so I may have a tip or two for ya.

Have a watch of the video below and I will share with you ways to increase that water intake, and you just wait until you see my last tip, I think you will love it!




  2. 750ml flask water bottle:
  3. App = Plant Nanny


I hope you enjoyed this new video on drinking more water. Make sure to leave me a comment below with a tip on how you drink more water.

Also, sharing is caring, so if you think this may help someone else, then feel free to share it with them.

Till next time…

Steph xx

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