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Have you picked up the book Earth Is Hiring by Peta Kelly?

If you haven’t then you need to get your hands on it! Particularly if you’re interested in learning how to live, lead and give in today’s new way of life.

Cause, gone are the day where it’s all go, go, go….. We’re starting to slow down and live a life in true alignment. We’re taking our time, we’re going deeper within and we’re living to our true values.

We’re slowly moving from what use to be an environment of Masculine energy into a Feminine energy, which is SUPER exciting.

Earth Is Hiring deep dives into life, business, money and giving back.

Check out my review below.


If you enjoyed this book review on Earth Is Hiring by Peta Kelly, then make sure you go grab the book. You can pick up a of it from here:

Take care.

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