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Entrepreneurial TraitsI just read a great article from called7 Entrepreneurial Traits to Teach Your Child.”


Now, I don’t have children of my own yet but one day I will, so I often think about what type of mother I would be and how I can instill the right morals and ethics into my children.


Hmm, maybe ‘right’ is not the correct word…I guess I mean, what could I do to ensure that my children are raised feeling loved, confident and set up for success in life.




Cause let’s be honest, life can be a little harsh and I’m talking about for children AND the parents.


I hear ‘mothers guilt’ is a given once you have you first baby so there may not be any escaping that one haha


But as I read through the article, I really connected with the 7 traits and can see they are easily the characteristics of an entrepreneur.


But I enjoyed it not just from an Entrepreneurial perspective, but an overall life of happiness.


Check out the video below as I go through the 2 that really connected with me.


Entrepreneurial Traits To Teach Your Child





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