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Minimalism….pretty well known term these days.

I’ve always been someone who loves a clean house and is a #SayNoToClutter kinda gal! Probably cause my mum was on a verge of being a professional hoarder when I was growing up lol It pushed me in the opposite direction haha Love you Mum!

OR maybe I’m just SUPER lazy and like to find ways where I don’t have to do so much; less stuff you have = less cleaning = HECK YEAH! Hmm maybe that’s not lazy, that’s smart 🙂

Anyway, I ended up binge watching a bunch of YouTubers who are living the #Minimalist life and I was intrigued.

What I found was, they all had their own interpretation of what they believed it to be; some knew the exact amount of items they owned, some didn’t and they didn’t care. Some quit their jobs, sold all their stuff and now travel the world with a backpack. Some are married with kids that decided, as a family, they wanted to reduce the amount of clutter in their home and lives.

But the common theme I found was most people started because they wanted to simplify their life, de-stress and be happier.

And THIS…..this supports exactly what I want in my life.

SO, Minimalism here I come!

Wanna join me? Well, I’ll be uploading a bunch of videos to my YouTube so make sure you follow along and leave me a comment to let me know you’re keen!

I also recorded a video explaining a few extra things including some of the common misconceptions…check it out:



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