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I’ve had epic #FAILS on goals before and I would, on the regular, beat myself up about the fact that I would never meet them.

I’d think, maybe I was just too cruisey or maybe I had shiny object syndroooohhh look, a talking dog!!! OMIGOSH, you need to see this! hahahaha

Sorry, where was I? Ohh that’s right…. yeah, I thought maybe I would just get distracted easily *shrugs*

Then I got my nose (well actually ears cause it was an Audible book) into an awesome booked called ‘The Values Factor’ by Dr John Demartini and it suddenly made sense to me… hit me like a Mack Truck.

Have a watch of the video below cause I explain it so much better by talking…and cause CBF (Can’t Be F….mmm let’s say ‘bothered) typing it all out.

Ain’t no body got time for that! Haha




Now if you missed my previous video on Knowing What’s Important To You In Life then you NEED to check it out, cause it’ll help you figure out what your highest values are aka your life purpose is.

I hope you enjoyed this new video on what to do if you’re not reaching your goals. If you did, then feel free to leave me a comment below to let me know.

If you think this will help someone you know then please do share with them. Let’s get the word out!



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