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I pride myself in the way I manage my money. I’ve always thought that I was rather good at it…. But in my 20’s, I couldn’t quite understand why I could save my little heart out and then when I got my savings to a certain dollar limit, I would always find a way to spend it.

Whether it was me looking for ways to spend it (hello new hand held vacuum and TV for the bedroom) or random ‘emergencies’ popping up #NotAnotherCarService

But without a doubt, every time I hit that figure (the same one over and over), BAM, it would be raining money….until I had reduced my savings to a point where I felt very uncomfortable, and I would do the mad scramble to divert all my money to my savings again, until I was back in my comfort zone.

It wasn’t until I learnt these two things that I was able to stop this vicious cycle.


The book I mentioned: Earth Is Hiring by Peta Kelly


The course I mentioned: – 2 FREE Lessons on Wealth Creation


My Love Letter To Money

19th April 2018

Dear Money,

I just firstly want to say thank you for being around. I am truly grateful that you and I have always had somewhat of a good relationship. I know it can definitely be better and I do want to work on that.

As a child, I actually don’t remember you being spoken about. Either my parents were good at hiding it or I was completely oblivious…probably the latter J But I don’t ever remember feeling like I missed out. I don’t think I asked for much but I did always receive when I wanted it.

The one thing I do recall was, I knew I had to work for you. I worked hard for you and then I’d treat you like nothing by just exchanging you for something else.

I’ve actually treated you badly a few times. You seem to be there for me rather easily and then when I feel like we’re getting too close and I have a lot of you, I automatically look for ways to spend you on meaningless things. It’s like I become uncomfortable cause I have too much.

I also blamed you for a break down of my relationship with my sister and I feel that is still holding on. That really hurt me and it still does but I know that’s NOT your fault so I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that the more I have of you the more I feel it gives others reasons to not like me. I’m sorry I blamed you for things that really aren’t your fault.

You’re just so loving, because regardless of the blame & me pushing you away, you always came back so thank you.

You and I do have a good relationship but I know it can be better. I’m committed to you just like I know you are to me.

I appreciate the fact that you enable me to go out to eat & not look at the prices, that I can buy people I love gifts & experiences, that I don’t stress about the prices of items I want & so much more.

I want us to get closer. I want you to come easily to me in an abundant way. I will respect you and allow you to work for me so more of you comes my way.

I know you are abundant and sometimes people misjudge you. I want to help share the truth about you.

I want you to come to me in limitless ways to create the lifestyle where I can take care of my mum and dad, where I can be with my kids all day and where I can continue to share my message and the truth about you to others.

Thank you for always believing in me and having my back.

I love you! xxoo


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