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Let’s talk about love!

The most important love that you can have in your life is with yourself……self love baby!

I use to be someone who would worry about what others thought, always did what others wanted and would even change my own plans to make others happy. I was a major #PeoplePleaser!

We’re always told not to be selfish but we’re actually suppose to be. The day everyone realises that they are in control of their own feelings and their own life, they will stop looking for others to give them what they already have within themselves.

It takes away the pressure you’ve previously been putting on other people and also yourself by not having to feel the need to make everyone else happy.

You’re just doing you!

It’s time to let go of looking to others to make you feel happy / loved / needed / appreciated and instead, start to look within because YOU have everything you will ever need.



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Hope you got value from this post, Learning To Love Yourself.  Leave me a comment below if you’re going to start focusing more around loving yourself on a deeper level.



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