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content marketing planIn today’s post I want to talk about putting together a content marketing plan and what it takes to actually plan, prepare and roll it out.


A few weeks ago, I recorded a Facebook Live video called ‘My Biggest Tip To You On How To Balance It All’ and I had a couple of requests to actually dive in deeper to show you how I plan my workload.


But firstly, what was my biggest tip to you?



Content Marketing Tips


When you’re first starting out in an online business, you are more than likely either working full time or there is also something else that needs your attention still, such as being a full time mum.


So it’s a good idea to become great at organization from the very beginning.


In the video below, I’m going to show you how I keep very organized by putting together a content strategy plan and then how I roll it out.



Download your FREE copy of my content marketing plan template here.


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